Norman Laverack ACIS

Norman started working with Paul in 1996. He’s a member of ICSA, The Governance Institute, and holds a degree in economics.

Norman has 21 years’ experience managing a software development business.

During this time, Norman had responsibility for all financial, legal, HR, company secretarial, corporate governance, compliance and other requirements of the Jersey based business he and Paul ran and coordinated all reporting up to the UK and US head office. He designed the revenue, billing and management information systems. He led the process that represented how clients valued content, designed flexibility into the product to reflect this and worked with sales, client support and marketing teams to ensure the commercial proposition was understood and contract terms kept in line.

Norman’s complete understanding of the business enabled him to provide the software development team with the detailed technical documentation they needed to enhance the product and ancillary systems to introduce new asset and data classes, resolving conflicts, inconsistencies and other anomalies. This was a persistent requirement of the business which Norman took on over many years, ensuring initiatives resulting from regulatory, capital market and other changes (e.g. partner redistribution agreements) were incorporated into the production, revenue and other systems.

Norman led the Sarbanes-Oxley compliance effort which he designed and implemented. This was audited many times, by both internal and external (big 4) teams. Much of the focus was on documentation and gathering evidence which required all policies, processes & procedures to be kept up to date in line with the product development schedule.

The Company enjoyed HMRC good CFC status and Norman maintained this further to UK Plc, US Listed and Private Equity acquisitions.

Key skills:

  1. Extensive experience of managing all aspects of running a business, sensitive to various stakeholder models

  2. Able to convert complex and intricate business requirements into detailed logical specifications that software development can use to build and automate processes

  3. In terms of corporate governance, has a proven ability to identify key issues and bring these matters to the board, ensuring discussions of technical matters are founded on a detailed understanding of their commercial reality

Norman was elected a St Lawrence Centenier in 2011. He performed this role out of a sense  of duty to his community. His focus was mostly toward bringing individuals to justice, prosecuting cases in the Magistrates Court. Norman decided to resign from his post in 2018.

Norman’s personal interests include sailing and skiing. He has competed in the Fastnet Race and is becoming more adventurous on the mountain, recently completing a descent of the Dufourspitze, the highest peak in Switzerland.

Norman Laverack ACIS

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