About Salboa

Salboa Limited was formed in 2016  and provides a variety of services to businesses in the Channel Islands based on the practical experience of it's founders, Dr Paul Curtis & Norman Laverack. Over the course of twenty years working together, Paul & Norman managed a Jersey based team of software developers and hardware engineers who designed and built computer systems to deliver a broad range of market data on listed securities and other tradable assets to financial institutions all over the world.

Although compact, never employing more than fifteen people locally, the business enjoyed considerable success with revenues growing from c. $10m to over $150m per annum by 2016. Paul led the software development and technical design of the systems while Norman devised and implemented business processes that ensured the product built by the team made commercial sense.

Our aim is to offer our experience to help organisations in the Channel Islands secure and grow their operations, leveraging our understanding of subjects as diverse as software architecture, product development, technical specifications, hardware, operations, communications technology, networks, IT security, digital content licencing, accounting, legal obligations, compliance, corporate governance (& IT & data governance), facilities, corporate/social responsibility and ethics in support of the Channel Islands increasing need to fostergenuine economic activity to evolving international standards of corporate best practice.